What are the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the industry?
One major benefit of cryptocurrencies is the ability to make payment or digital asset transfer using the latest blockchain technology, which is the motivation behind the creation of Bitcoin and USDT (Tether). The blockchain is the foundation of a sophisticated general ledger and payment system, which tracks every single transaction of the digital asset. The traditional banks and asset management houses are already exploring and integrating such advanced technology to improve the speed and the cost of money transfer worldwide. In the near future, more and more companies will begin issuing their equity to investors via security tokens, instead of paying millions of dollars to investment banks to offer shares to the public. You will see more applications and transactions that involve cryptocurrencies, including buying merchandise and digital contents, making peer-to-peer transfers using Bitcoin, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies.
Why should I invest in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?
Traditionally, investors allocate their money in stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and real estate. Cryptocurrencies, or digital assets in general, belong to a new asset class that experienced exponential growth in the past 10 years. Many well-known fund houses and brokerage firms are already offering investment and brokerage services that cover the crypto asset class. The investors have taken notice and started allocating a portion of their portfolio in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It is important for the investors to identify the right brokerage firms that can offer the best trading and custodian services.
Point95 Global Ltd. is a well established brokerage firm that can serve your personal needs. Unlike other Fintech companies that target online retail customers, we offer the best execution prices that are made available to both institutional and individual investors. Your digital assets are safeguarded at our custodian service and your cash is deposited at a commercial bank (FDIC insured). The settlement is done directly with the exchanges.
What is unique about Virgo Trade's service offerings?
Unlike crypto exchanges, Virgo Trade has a dedicated team that serves our valued customers with their special needs. For example, we help new customers to convert their US dollar deposits to Bitcoins and Tether (USDT) and store in the digital wallets. We fulfill large orders from fund managers that could spread over days. Our company also provides a mobile app that enables our clients to view live prices, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and submit deposit and withdrawal requests on their mobile phones.
What is the Virgo Trade Mobile App?
The Virgo Trade Mobile App is a fully automated trading platform provided by Point95 Global Ltd. Our system is connected to multiple exchanges that provide you with a variety of cryptocurrencies and the best prices possible. The Virgo Trade App allows new customers to register for new accounts and use our brokerage services, including deposit and withdrawal of both fiat (USD) and crypto currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, USDT). Our service staff is available to guide you through the registration process and setup the digital wallet addresses for depositing your Bitcoin and other digital assets.
The Virgo Trade App enables you to track the live prices of the cryptocurrencies and the market value of your portfolio. You can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cash settlement is handled at multiple time slots during the day, so you can liquidate your digital assets quickly and withdraw the money within 1 business day, while other companies can take up to 5 days.
How does Virgo Trade ensure that my deposits are safe?
The money transfer that you make is directly deposited at our designated bank based in the U.S. We always use the same bank account to settle with the exchanges, and not funnel through any offshore bank account. For digital asset deposit, you will be assigned a digital wallet address that is unique and not shared with other users. For cash withdrawal, you may first use our Virgo Trade Mobile App to convert the Bitcoin to U.S. dollar, and then request the money transfer back to your bank account.
What are the cryptocurrencies that are supported by your trading platform?
The Virgo Trade Mobile App allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), BCH (Bitcoin cash), and XRP (Ripple). These are the most common cryptocurrencies in the market with the highest trading volume and best liquidity. The bid-offer spread of Bitcoin, for example, can be as low as US$1 on our platform, compared to US$5 on other exchanges. You can specify buy/sell quantity lower than 1 BTC, as long as the value is above US$100.
In the near future, our platform will support the Tether (USDT) pairs: USDT/USD and USDT/BTC. USDT is a stable coin whose value is close to 1 US dollar, and the price is less volatile than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The benefit of USDT is that some exchanges only support crypto-to-crypto trading, which means you must convert US dollar to USDT or BTC first before you can start trading. Another benefit is the lower cost of USDT transfer compared to a traditional bank wire transfer. The transfer rate is also faster via the blockchain technology.
How long is the new user registration process? Is it safe?
The registration is simple and you can submit the information via the Virgo Trade App.
1. To begin, you provide the email address and mobile phone number. After verification, you are allowed to deposit and trade cryptocurrencies with us right away.
2. In order to withdraw cryptocurrencies or transfer to other people, you need to provide the identity document, such as passport or identification card, as well as address proof, e.g. utility bill.
3. In order to withdraw US dollars, you need to indicate your source of funds and provide your recent bank statement that is within 3 months. Such information can be submitted at a later time.
The data that you submit on the App is protected by an integrated software and data encryption package, which ensures no other applications on the mobile phone can access the information or capture the image of the screen.
How can I download the Virgo Trade App?
For Android users, you can download the "Virgo Trade" App directly from the Google Play Store, or use the following official link to download the installation package.
What is the Point95 Global OTC Desk?
Over-the-counter (OTC) trading takes place off the open exchanges. We offer deeper liquidity and a private, more personalized service to institutions and high net-worth individuals needing to fill large orders that might be too disruptive if placed on open markets at the exchanges. Whether you are trading blocks of $100,000, €10,000,000 or 2,000 Bitcoin, the OTC desk will provide you with execution and settlement services that are discreet, secure and ultra-competitive.
How it works?OTC Onboarding
1. Onboard
To become an OTC client you must go through the standard Point95 Global onboarding process.
2. Pre-fund
If you are going for a trade, let’s say buying Bitcoin, you need to pre-fund with your fund. Communicate with us via chat to get the wire instruction first and make sure you are wiring to Point95 Global bank account.
3. Request a quote
After you pre-funded to Point95 Global bank account, you can communicate about your preferred trade. It doesn’t have to be long, you can simply say:
You: “I would like to buy 100 Bitcoin.”
Our Trader: “I can sell you 100 BTC at a price of $9,000 USD per Bitcoin.”
Confirm trade
You choose whether or not you wish to buy at the price offered. If you agree, the trade is confirmed, wait for a confirmation of the transaction via email where you will be asked for a wallet address.
Complete trade
Once the Point95 Global OTC get the wallet address from you, our trader will send the assets to the specified wallet address, and the trade is complete.